July 20, 2014

Handy Fest Nights One & Two

Alright Friends.... I know I know I know!!! I have been completely missing the past couple of days!
NOT OKAY. I know!

But in my defense I have had company here from out of town since Friday.

Handy Fest has had a WONDERFUL start.


I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for. My only complaint....why do they have to live so far away!!! Having them in Florence made everything just perfect. 
Chris {Christmas} Melissa {Mel B} Will {Wilbert} and Dillon {Dillon Keith} all came friday night and stayed all weekend. I really was super sad when they all left today. 
Christmas and Mel B are two I worked with right out of college. Wilbert has been my best friends since we were 13. and Dillon, well, I randomly met him listening to some good ole music. 
 We listened to great great great music all weekend. Wilbert danced his little heart out. The Local Saints were amazing...as ALWAYS!!! I snagged a picture with Justin and his belt! haha 
It was super fun having all of these random friends meet for the first time and everyone just click. It made things super fun and very very relaxing after a week that was slightly stressful. 

It's been a long weekend...long and very very FUN. I'm super bummed out I will be missing the last part of Handy Fest. I will be leaving for the beach on Wednesday! I know....its such a hard trade off. Handy Fest will be thought about, BUT on the other hand I will be with my F A M I L Y who I am so beyond ready to spend time with!!!!

Well friends I will be back with more and more photos through the rest of the time I am in town for Handy. If you live in the Shoals, I sure hope you're taking advantage of all of the fun and good tunes while its happening!! It's only here once a year unfortunately!

Bye bye now

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