February 8, 2014


How has your week been? Mine was fantastic. Busy....but I love my life staying busy. 
Last night RAEGY got into town. Have I mentioned I LOVE her being here?? It's so much fun.
After this weekend though, she won't be able to make the trip because of her Diamond Girl Duties at UAB! Soooo looks like I will be going to the HAM :)

Last night we had a fun night with the guys. We went to Panera with Will, Justin, and Pauly! After that we all went and watched the opening of the Olympics. Such a cool thing to watch. We laughed a lot about people and the fact that some of the places we didn't even know were on the map. Thats pretty sad right!??

How freakin amazing are the USA sweaters?! Nice work Ralph Lauren. Impressive. I want!!


Today Raeghan and I have a JAM_PACKED day. 
I am about to head out to the gym. Then we are heading to Huntsville to do WEDDING stuff with the Bestie Frannie Mae Mae. YAY!

Then tonight we are going to see Huntsville Havoc play against the Bloomington Thunder!

YEP fun fun day ahead!!! Ill do my best to take LOTS of pictures.
I've been slacking on that lately.

Hope you have a fun filled Saturday. Now Im off to kill it at the gym.
Bye now

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