June 13, 2013

Georgia ahead!

Hi Friends!
Tomorrow after class, I am headed off to Georgia for a fun fun funnnnn filled weekend in Atlanta! Watching a Braves game tomorrow and Six Flags on Saturday!
It's going to be the BOMB!

YES I am super excited to be going to both, the game and six flags, but I am REALLY excited to hang with all of the fun friendies. Seriously, these kids are fun, spontaneous and as weirdo as I am;) I love them! So I am more excited about that haha.

It was a BUSY day today. I stayed up well over half the night studying and working on a presentation I had to give today in class. I think it went pretty great. I also had a test today. I KNOW I did good on the 2nd part of the test I took today!

Happy Fun Night my friends!
I've got to work out, pack, shower, and sleep.
Tootlie lou 

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