June 22, 2013

Birthday FUN

Loviesss Oh I am so so sorry. I have been on the road more than I've been on my feet in the last 72 hours...and it's been AWESOME except that I've been missing my little blogging space over here. 

My Birthday week has been AMAZING and I am such a blessed gal.

Enjoy these few photos.

Recap of the last 72 hours of my life:) A sweet friend in class made cinnamon roles on my birthday! How stinking sweet is that?!? They were delicious. NASHVILLE with my fam was awesome! Just not at allllll long enough. but thats okay. FUN time none the less. Fun time hanging with friends thursday night. Had to work friday.... yeahh! Last night Francelina and i came to hville to hear john & jacob play. ALWAYS a fun fun funnn time! 

BUT also, my supaaah cool friends from Flotown came to hangout and celebrate my birthday! THANKS Justin, PaulyP, and Bethany. SO glad you guys came to hang. You guys are AWESOME!!! Meant a lot to me.

I will post more pictures from our Birthday hangout time at the Furniture Factory! Last night was such a fun birthday celebration.

Happy saturday love

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Kandice Poirier said...

gah if you were any cuter, i couldn't handle it. <3 i'm so happy you had a great birthday!! xoxoxo