April 10, 2013

Handmade Passport Cover

Hey Hey Heyyyy
I wanted to share with you what I made little Francelina for her Birthday!
If you remember, I mentioned that on her TWENTY-FIFTH Birthday she is going to be out of the country (not cool) but its totally necessary for her to a have a super cute stylish passport cover to go over that plain jane blue thing.

Of course, you know me...I couldn't find one that I liked. They were all silly looking and bright BRIGHT colors which isn't really my thing. & last time I checked obnoxiously bright colors aren't really Frans things either (thank god.)

So here's the oh soso sooooo cute Passport Cover I made her.

The cover was relatively simple to make. It just takes a tad bit of stregth to get the needle to go to through the suede 

Lydia (Frannies Sister-in-law) helped me with the monogramed F!
It turned out WAY PRETTIER than I had even imagined! 
Thanks so much Lydia. You're AWESOME!

Frannie Mae loved her passport cover (ithink) eeek;) Im soooo jealous shes going to be OUT OF THE COUNTRY on her Birthday. ughhhh. So jealous. BUT so excited for her to be with her honey love.

What do you think of the passport cover?
Have you been making anything lately? Hope so.


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