March 17, 2013

weekend fun.

How was your week?? I feel like mine just zoomed right on by. Which is good because I am always beyond ready for the weekend. This weekend I came to Birmingham to see the family.

It's been fun being home....but I can't lie. Part of me does miss my little homie apartment. So, next weekend I think I will just hang out in Florence all weekend.

Yesterday I had a super sweet little visitor

It's INSANE that this sweet little gal is about to be ONE!!!!
And it's also weird to me that not only are ALL of my high school friends married....they all have sweet kiddies too. Am I behind?!?! all is different for everyone I guess.

Last night I went to the movies with my two friends Melissa & Donnie. We saw the Incredible Burt Wonderstone?!? ummm yeah...I slept on and off through the movie. eeek. It wasn't that the movies was terrible or anything. I guess I was just really tired. Not really sure, but they said the movie was just okay. not wonderful!

HAPPY WEEKEND my lovely friends. It's my FAVORITE day of the week. SUNDAY. My plan is to go to church. Clean my car. Go for a run. and relax!

Here are a few fashionies I am loving. enjoy.

JIgsaw London....loving their accessories & These linen jeans.


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