March 10, 2013


Hey HEY!!!!! First of all HAPPY SUNDAY, My FAVE day of the week!

 These sweetie pies gave me the BEST Kitchen Gadget Party I could have ever hoped for.

First of all, I loved having my mom and aunt come stay with me Friday night. It's times like that when I realize I miss them WAY more than I realize. They talk about everything that is going on back at home and I realize that I'm feeling a little bit of the loop with the family life. 

The family and friends that came made my heart SO happy. It just meant so much to me considering MOST of them drove all the way to Florence for the party. I was just so anxious and happy.

I can now say, my Cabinets are packed FULL of awesome things to cook with. Sooooo Come on over and we will have a little fun time in the kitchen;)

Thanks to EVERYONE who came. It meant the world to me and I am SO thankful you are part of my life. I love you all so much.

Thanks Momma & Auntie for giving me such an awesome party. I own you dinner and You both know I can cook REAL good. Now I actually have the things I need to do so. You two have FIRST dibs.

Tootles for now 

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