March 20, 2013

hi hi

Hi friends.
So Sorry I missed my Top Two Tuesday post yesterday. 
I made the trip back to birmingham as soon as I got off of work yesterday.
My sweet Grandaddy's brother passed away over the weekend. 

My grandaddy told me NOT to come down for the viewing, but I just didn't feel right not being there for him. So, I made the trip and am so SO glad I did. I would have felt terrible inside if i would have missed it.

Putting the unfortunate circumstances aside, it was really great to see some family members that I hadn't seen in about two years. We usually have a Christmas party with the Bolden side of the family. It's one of my Favorite parties too. This year we had to cancel it due to Terry's illness. So it really was good to see my cousins that I hadn't seen.

So please just keep my family in your prayers. We all know that Terry doesn't have to suffer anymore and is in a much Much better place.

Tootles for now

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