February 17, 2013

Saturday Love

Frances & I went to check out our friend Claire's loft on Friday night. When we got to the door, Frances that little prankster opened the door, and let it sloowwwlllyyy crack open. Claire was on the other side say, "hello? hello?" I think it creeped her out just a tidge. Haha It was probably a "had to be there moment" but still pretty sneakster and funny.

Claire's loft downtown is AMAZING. It's perfect for her!!!

We had a really fun girls night on Friday and one that was long overdue and MUCH needed. I just love my BESTIE. Isn't she just gorgeous?!? seriously. We also had a slumber party, which consisted of Frances and I along with our dear friend Nancy Grace! 

Saturday morning, I had a coffee date with sweet Mary Mac. We chatted and sipped on our delicious coffee just like when I lived with her. It was great. Love that lady dearly.

My parents came into town and stayed with me for the night! We went out to dinner with Mrs. Donna, Mr. Jerry, and sweet Zyannah.

I am ATTACHED to this sweetie already and I was just around her for dinner. She is so good and happy!! Seeing Mrs. Donna and Mr. Jerry was so great. I love them so much!! We had SO much to catch up on. I don't think my dad took a breath while we were there! He's so funny.

Anyway I have another day absorbing family time before they go, then I have dinner with my other family... THE ADAMS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE sunday!


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