February 11, 2013


My Weekend, My weekend! I went home, to birmingham, friday night after work. When I got there I immediately got back to my computer screen and was glued to nyfw. yes. obsessed. might be an understatement.

Saturday, we had a baby shower at my nanny's for Collins my cousin!! She looked SO cute and her baby belly has grown a good bit since Christmas. 

My nanny's house was packed full of CUTIE kids. This is Corynn (on the left...Collin's Sisters little girl....how cute is she??) and Marlee. Goodness, Marlee is just a bundle of smiles and giggles. a d o r a b l e.

After the baby shower, I spent the rest of the day helping my teeny tiny cousin Reisa shop for a prom dress. We had a blast. Love that girl and cant even believe she is old enough to even attend a prom. crazies.

SUNDAY was fantastic. Mom, being the sweet lady she is offered to keep two little kiddies to give their dad a relief because their mom has been very very sick. It was the funnest day. If you know me, you know my heart almost explodes with love and joy for asian cultures, especially asian children. So of course I was THRILLED when my mom told me they were actually going to be with us ALL DAY. 

So as you see, little DiDi bear (Hayden) was my pal all day! Jesse, his older brother is the smartest four year old I have ever met. He taught us chinese, and showed my mom and I how he knew every single state within the U.S. That's insane for a four year old to know all of the things I learned about him just within one days time. 

I've loved all of the kid time I have had over the past year. Seeing little katie bug and harper every week, and being around kids more so than in the past has made me realize, I actually like/love little kids more than I thought. Fun how life works!!!

Just wanted to share how much fun I had this weekend, simply with family, friends, and kiddies. What more could a girl ask for??? Oh which reminds me, I left out one other good thing about sunday, Jacob came by to see me! Good way to end the weekend in birmingham.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Anyone already wishing it was Friday? Guilty.

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Amanda said...

Looks like it was a fun and busy weekend! And your cousin looks too adorable in that prom dress!