February 24, 2013


Yesterday I realized for ONCE in my life how awesome it is to wake up WITHOUT an agenda. I did exactly what I wanted to 'Spur the Moment' style yesterday and it was super fun.

I woke up to a beautiful warm sunshine. Relaxed and chatted with a few friends.

 Blogged, then I decided HECK Im driving to Tennessee to shop for a few random things. So I showered and off to Tennessee I went. 

I landed a few good things. BUT it wasn't as successful as I was hoping for. I was hoping to get a lot of great things to hang on my bare walls. But, no luck with that. I did however snag my favorite movie of all time...okay maybe not of all time. BUT definitely a FAVE!

Ont he way back a went to see sweet mary mac. Katie bug was there in rare form;) love that sweet girl. I got to see Baby Harper and Lydia and we planned The typical Adam's Sunday Dinner. So today, I will  be going over there to sew and have a great delicious dinner with my SECOND family. Love them.

Here are a few more photos from the past few days. 

Im having a HARD time getting back to having an AGENDA....For example, right now I have well about TEN MINUTES to get dressed for church!
YIKES better go!
Bysie for now

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Rosemary Nickerson said...

No Agenda Days are the best! We call them "Do What You Want Days". I felt relaxed just reading your post.