January 9, 2013


I really don't think it is ever going to quit raining. It hasn't stopped all day. It's PERFECT, stay inside all day weather. Unfortunately, that isn't an option. 

So I'm working on my submission for my avon order and all I am seeing is Red this, Red that, Heart this, Heart that, Love this, Love that...Love love love, blah blah blah;) Seriously, we just got finished with Christmas!!! Why is Valentines already smacking me in the face?!? not necessary. 

Okay I've finished my rant for the day!

What's everyones weekend plans? I am staying in Florence this weekend!!! I'm going to relax and enjoy my new little place to call home. 

It's ALMOST the weekend.


Oh P.S. my bestie will be gone to market the next three days! She will be getting GREAT merchandise for PSI!!! wooohoooo Love it!

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