January 23, 2013


Hey Hey!! I had a GREAT night with friends tonight. Good Convo. Good Laughs. Good eats. Good Good Night! I also had an adventurous trip to walmart.

On to more important things...


Tomorrow my dad is having back surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers. his surgery will be around 7...maybe before that but definitely around that time. Please just pray for an easy surgery and a quick recovery.

He has to get better. I know he's going stir-crazy sitting inside for the past week and a half...now he has to sit longer. Bless his little sweet heart. 

PRAYING FOR YOU DAD! I'll see you tomorrow night.


Go watch the new John & Jacob video, like ASAP and pass it along to all your friends!

I know you will enjoy.

Bye for now


P.S. Can't WAIT to be in Birmingham until Sunday!!!! OH & how did I forget to mention, Frances because and aunt for the THIRD time today!! Congrats Leah & Camren! Kinley is going to be spoiled rotten!!!

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