December 30, 2012

GREAT weekend

I have had such a GREAT weekend. SO FUN. I'm so blessed.

Friday I had a FUN FUN FUNNNN Night with the best friend and her boy. I love Brent being here with Frances. I kept thinking over and over and over again how much fun it would be if I was actually in a serious relationship and had someone to share that memory with Frannie, Brent, and my boy. Ohhhhh geeeee. I really think I am over the hurt and actually ready to be in a relationship again.

My family and I had the BEST time moving my stuff yesterday! It was such a blast.

Here are a few 1 photo 2 photo 3
photo 5I realized yesterday....well No I didn't realize, I was just reminded how amazing my family is. I can't believe how much they helped yesterday.

Then my mom and my aunt worked away all day cleaning scrubbing getting things so perfect for me. I really can't get over how incredibly blessed I am. God has put the best people in my life and I'm so so soo in awe of all of it. 

I will miss being in the Adam's house. But don't you worry Mary Mac, I will be over ALL THE TIME. I'm actually writing this write now from in front of your fireplace. You're holding baby Harped and precious Bug is playing with her princess toy. LOVE your family more than you will ever know. 

Last two photos.... My first coffee time in the new place. Believe me my coffee time is a big deal. I've been completely makeup free ALL DAY and it has been AWESOME. I have loved it.

Hope your weekend was GREAT.

Tootles for now.


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