November 27, 2012

Scotch & Soda

Here I am again...

Tuesday. Sitting here. Torture. Perfectly styled looks galore and I'm dying I do believe. This apparel is perfect. PERFECT. So after lots of torture, this weeks I've finally narrowed this weeks Top Two down to Scotch & Soda

Maison Scotch Women's garments are so eye-catching!!! Here are my TOP TWO picks this week!


The pattern on this Tunic is so fun! And as far as colors, they compliment the pattern to a T!


What I LOVE about this look is the fitted corduroy underneath. It's the perfect little addition. Well these are my top two picks!

I could list list list list list all of my favorites! But go on. Take a look at the site for yourself and pick your Top Two!

Bysie Bye


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