November 12, 2012

Baxter & Me, Corinth Mississippi Trip

Hey there! On Saturday Frances and I took a short little road trip to Corinth, Mississippi! One of my close friends during college, Jessica lives in Corinth. When we were in school, Jess and I spent most of our days together in one single class room because we both had taken almost every drawing class they offer at UNA:) We loved us some Mr. John Turner classes! Jessica is an amazingly talented artist and I can remember in school, she would do smaller craft fairs and markets here and there selling her handmade jewelry and paintings. I am SUPER proud to say that she just recently, along with another girl helped open the newest and CUTEST boutique in Corinth. It's called Baxter & Me. 

So the first free and relaxing weekend in a while, Fran and I hit the road to check out our friends shop!!!!

 It's only a little over an hours drive from Florence to Corinth and it gave Fran and I some time to chill, chat and talk about stuff. It was SO fun:)

It was GREAT seeing Jess. She's such a good little lady to call a friend. I remember when I was hanging my Senior Exhibition, one of the BIG final steps to conquering that bachelors degree, Jessica drove all the way from Corinth just to help me hang my show. She had already graduated, wasn't in town, and was such a good friend to come and help me!!! 

We were also super excited to even get to spend time with her because we didn't know if we would get to! We actually got to enjoy a nice lunch at the cutest pizza place! DEFINITELY will be happening again.

Go check out both JH Artwear & Design, as well as Baxter & Me on Facebook!!! PROMISE you will fall in love! Hope Monday was great for you!


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