October 6, 2012

Saturday Catch-Up

Hey my little Loves.

Today was a day that I like to call "Brianna" day. "Brianna" day is simply a day where I make ZILCHO  PLANS! Play the day by how I feel, play it by ear, go with the flow, do whatever, whenever. IT WAS PERFECT.

Last night was FIRST FRIDAY. I worked, had a BLAST working, smiled a lot, talked a lot, sold a lot. We were BUSY! wooohooo that's always a good thing.

Want the rundown of the day? Well, GREAT. Here are a few photos from my day.


Tomorrow is Trueman's Birthday! So of course I gladly accepted the offer to make the Birthday cake. I had to go buy all of the ingredients to bake the cake today, SO before I went to the grocery store, ULTA distracted me a tiny bit. I shopped at ULTA for a good hours or so, and as I was leaving I couldn't help but notice that it was Pet Adoption day at Petco. After seeing that I couldn't NOT go down and see all of the precious animals. The Kitties just sucked me right in. Ughh it was heart wrenching leaving those precious babies and having to put them back in their cages.  Hewey, the grey kitten, LOVED me.  After I visited the kittens and bought the groceries...I went straight to baking!  As you see above, I baked a Vanilla Almond Cake with Almond Butter Creme. The cake above isn't the finished product. That photo will follow sometime tomorrow. After I baked, I sewed a panel curtain for a co-worker, then I got dressed to go hang out with Frances & the Ledgewood Family, who is her Boyfriends Fam, they had a few people over for grilling! It was FUN. So, as you see, it's super nice sometimes to just do your own thing, have zero plans, play the day by what you feel and what you want to do. It was a good day. Try it sometime!

I'm off for some sleep.

Hope your Saturday was fantastic.


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