October 1, 2012

FUN FUN night!

Last night I missed my blog because it was a semi-late night with my really fantastic friend Tres.

We went and saw the Civil Wars. They played a sold out show at UNA....yep, I am an alumni. They played such a great show. And let me just say....it was AMAZING first of all to get to hang with Tres. Second, being able to have a FREE NIGHT, not working was p e r f e c t. Please don't get me wrong, I have loved this big project, but I'm tired. I haven't known what life is like living back in Florence since I moved here and I'm really ready for that. 

This weekend, I will be staying in Florence. I am OVERLY excited. It's First Friday and I can't wait to see everyone out.

Hope everyones Tuesday is FANTASTIC. 

p.s. Getting up early to blog, might just be a new everyday sort of thing!!

Off to workie



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