February 15, 2012


Hey Hey! 

Only ONE day and a half of a work day and I'll be on my way for a weekend locked up in Paul Bunyan's (yes that's actually the name of it) Cabin with my entire family! Ohhhh How OVERLY Excited I Am!!! 

Just to name a few things that we will be doing....LAUGHING. Making fun of each other, SINGING KARAOKE (Favorite), Dancing (Just Dance on the Wii), Celebrating Paw's Birthday, Playing Arcade games (yippee) Taking Photos! and SO SO SOOO many more things!

Good Golly I'm so excited!!!

Last weekend I painted a little bit!

I painted THIS owl for a fun little thing that will be coming up on the 24th!

My good friends Jamie & Kristie are raising money for LLS for a marathon they will be running in April! If you click on their names it will take you to their donation page where you can donate to LLS! If you find it in your heart to give, please do.

They asked me to help them out by teaching a painting class. I gladly accepted the offer:) If you're interested, I would LOVE for you to come out and support my two friends for a really great cause! If you are interest just email me for more info! bgbolden@gmail.com!!!

Here's my Challenge for FEBRUARY!

This challenge thing is SO fun.

Hope you're have a very blessed and joyful week.


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