November 8, 2011

Late Night Dinner

Hi hi hiii

Tonight I got my hair colored...It has lots of RED!

I'll share a new photo tomorrow of the finished product and Ill also have a delicious new recipe for you to try for Creative Share!!

Anyway so as always right here at IBB, It's time for TOP TWO TUESDAY

and this week, it's about late night dinner & snacks.

I absolutely DESPISE eating late! I can't stand it, but sometimes its something that just happens.

Like tonight.

So here are my TT 


Fiber One Cereal withAlmond Milk, Strawberries, Pecans, Almonds & Grapes

SOOOO delicious


Popcorn Indian Kettlecorn Popcorn

HOLY HEAVEN....F and I can eat an entire bag each during one of our weekend FAB times. 

& I just recently discovered the cinnamon flavored! So good!!!

So tell me, what are your TOP TWO favorite Late Night Dinners & Snacks!??!?



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