July 19, 2011

Window Display

Hi there!!!

It's TUESDAY and you sure should know what that means by now.

Top Two Tuesday time.

You know that thing that catches your eye from the window of you favorite store? Have you ever thought about the process of how that display got there. I mean surely you don't think it just appeared overnight. I know it probably isnt something that most people think about. But, for me, Its one of the FIRST things that I notice about a store. Less than Creative Window displays are NOT acceptable. There's just no sense in it. It's the split second to get someone's attention, hold it, and sale it.

So this weeks TTT is all about window beauties. My picks are...



It has the absolute most AMAZING and GORGEOUS displays that I have ever seen. They are so creative, and you always know an anthro display when you see one. They have their set style, and signature designs. Its so stunning and the level of creativity blows my mind. 


Bergdorf Goodman

The last one is sooooo AMAZING.

I could have posted window displays from BG all freaking night. SO amazing.

Well Im off for the tuesday night games.

What are YOUR picks dear friend?



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