March 9, 2011

My Precious Friends Birthday

Today is a very special day.
It's the BIRTHDAY of someone
who is very dear to my heart

My Best Friend Trés turned Twenty-two.
Old man Old man.
So, to YOUUUU Mr. I hope your day was BEYOND amazing.
I am very very BLESSED to call you my Best Friend!

So for his Birthday
I made him a special gift.
I made him a piece of art work 
for him to add to his new collection.

The wall art is made from a t-shirt
It's pretty simple to do.
All you need is 
*A really neat t-shirt
*Four Stretcher Bars 
(from your local craft store, usually in the canvas and painting section)
* A medium duty staple gun
* some Staples
* A textile medium Sealer
* Paint Pens
* Sponge Brush

All you do to make the piece, 
After you have assembled the stretcher bars into the Rectangular or square shape,
Stretch the t-shirt over the bars to decide how you want it placed on the piece.
Staple one side to the back of the bars.
Now, continue stapling the shirt all around the bars, pulling the shirt as tightly as possible, so there are ZERO wrinkles! Gee that wouldn't be good.
After you have the shirt smooth, and stapled securely to the bars, Paint over the shirt with the textile sealer using the sponge brush.
Paint a couple of layers allowing to dry between each coat. 
Next using the paint pens, add a little bit of character however you like. 
I added dots and lines to Trés' piece 
[I took the photos before I added these]
Adding these really did something special to the piece.
Plus, it adds a really personal touch. 
After you have done this.
You're finished
and you have a lovely new piece of wall art.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk through. 
Now, stop by Creative Share at TRENDY TREEHOUSE to read from others.


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