March 6, 2011

A little Decal Design

This weekend, I went to Mississippi with my SUPER fun grandparents!
It was such a blast.
We are traveling back as I type this.

But on the drive to Mississippi
I created a little design
that will be made into a Vinyl Sticker 
That I will put on the back window of my car for my Wall Mural Advertisement. 
My Windows are REALLY dark, so, the actual sticker will just be the words, not the black background that you see in the photo, but I put the background so I would know what it would look like against my window.
I wanted to share it
and see what you all think about it!!

So, I will be home in a few short hours.
then tonight, I will be back with my Weekly Review.
I look SO forward to this post.

Please let mw know what you think about my Vinyl Sticker logo.
As much feedback as possible please.
And Don't go easy on me.
Give me some good Constructive Criticism.

Sweetie Peaches.


Chassi said...

I love it! It would definitely catch my eye on the road.

Carolyn said...

I love it!!! I would give you constructive criticism, if I had any. :) I think it's perfect! Good job!

Kandi said...

well, i love it!
i love how bright it is,
yet simple.
eye catching,
to all ages. :)

<3 love!