January 20, 2011

JAPANESE ARTIES...you are my T.G.I.F

and I have had a very fun, busy, and productive day.

Every Thursday, right here on Itsy Bitsy, 
I post something that has been an Inspiration to me. 


goes out to JAPAN this week. 

The whole time I was in School and living in Florence, I can't even describe how inspired I was by the Japanese Fashion.
Ahhh it's seriously ADORABLE, both female fashion as well as the males.
It was so SO hard trying to stay up at the same Fashion Level as those ADORABLE little ladies!!
but a super fun task to try and conquer every single day.
It truly was so inspiring.

I have been thinking about my JAPANESE Arties all day 
and I miss all of you SO much.
Thanks for being such a huge inspiration.

This is Masashi!
I LOVE this photo....:)

This is Keisuke!
I also LOVE this photo...:)

They both became great friends the last few weeks before graduation
and its times like this when I totally agree with the saying, 
"it's better late than never."
I miss you two like CRAZY 
but I hope EVERYTHING is going fantastic in New York and Japan.

see how FUN!

I also miss Bear.
BUT, Most of ALL
I miss my little FABB AR's


So blog friends, What's inspiring YOU on this cold Thursday?

Can't WAIT to hear



Kandi said...

i had drawing with keisuke at UNA... he was the sweetest ever. and so funny! i remember him fondly. :)

Kristin said...

That IS some killer style!

rachel! said...

ohhh, good style in those pictures.