January 11, 2011


I was SUPER inspired yesterday from a Martha Stewart Article that I read.
It was about making cute little Children's Wool Berets.

I've been wanting to get the sewing machine out SO badly for the past couple of days.
TODAY I finally couldn't stand it any longer. 

I have a SNEAK PEEK of the Beret making experience.
I'm not completely finished with it because I am making it for my Cousin's daughter Lydia.
I haven't seen her in over a WEEK and I'm SO ready to see that little stinker.
So, while I was thinking about her, I made the Beret specifically for her.
However, it is REALLY hard to make a hat for someone when you have NO clue what size their head is.
So I just went for it.
Measured my own noggin,
then cut off about 2 inches or so from my own measurement.

To Be Continued....
When I see that little rascal and can get the Beret fitting her to a T!

Okay, so along with Tuesday
From Taylor's blog UNDOMESTIC MOMMA

This weeks TTT picks are 
Strangest Addictions.

Chick Fil A Polynesian Sauce.
I dont think just saying this REALLY gives you an idea of my Addiction;)
Oh gee I LOVE it.
Just to give you maybe a faint hint of my love for it 
Every time I ride to Chick fil A with someone 
even if I'm not ordering anything, I make sure they ask for Polynesian sauce.
I have a stash in my car from where I used to take my lunch to classes with me.
Guess there's no reason for the stash in my car anymore.


Having Dramatic Eyes.
I love putting on makeup 
it really is a form of art.

When I think of a DRAMA filled eye makeup, honestly, I can't help but to think of Olivia from Jerseylicious!
I can't help but like her.

What's inspiring you
and what are YOUR top two???

sweetie peaches

OH and one last thing, My first work shift at SIPS N STROKES is SUNDAY afternoon.
ECSTATIC to say the least.
I'm overjoyed.
I am SO thankful that God blessed me with my Abilities to paint.
and I am so SO thankful he opened up this door for me. A "job" where I can do exactly what I LOVE to do.
Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Let me know where and when you are teaching a class:)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Okay Chic-fil-A is my fave and I don't have it where I currently live and it kills meeee!!!

And my #1 beauty tool is mascara. Its a must:)
Love the blog~