January 6, 2011

Exciting News!

Hi hi:)
How's your week going??

Mine is going GREAT.
I'm having my morning coffee with my grandparents before they hit the Loooooonnnggg road 
They are going to the BCS Championship,....those sorry Rascals.
I'm super excited for them. I'll admit it though, Very Jealous.

BUT I do have some
very exciting news to share with you


Yesterday I had an interview at 
I go back for this Friday nights class so they can watch me paint.

Then, I will start working as an assistant for a short while, until I am able to become an Instructor.
This is a "FOR FUN" job for me. 
and I am OVERLY excited.

Wendy Lovoy is the artist who started all of the Sips N Strokes.
They are now becoming franchised.
All of the works she has originally painted
and it's going to be an honor to be painting her designs.

Oh its going to be such a BLAST!
well I'll definitely share with you how Friday goes.

Oh one last thing.
I was SO inspired yesterday by THIS article in B-metro Magazine.

John Fields work is very interesting, and I want to see more of his work!

Be back soon Friend.


Anonymous said...

Love the paintings.

Overthinking Mama said...

congrats sweetie!!! :-)

Sarah Ann said...

Ohhh how wonderfully exciting!

Kendra said...

yay.!! So super exciting.! Good luck.!

Anonymous said...

How cool! Hope it goes well! :)

Annie said...

that is very exciting news!! congrats hun! :)