January 17, 2011

Circle Circle Dot Dot

No no not a cootie shot.
Just NEW POSTCARDS added to my ITSYBITSY shop.

Please stop by and take a little Browse.
There will be new stuff added all throughout the week.
NEW things, other than postcards. 

one more tiny thing to share.

What is the main thing that intrigues most people about Children's books?
The answer would DEFINITELY most likely be none other 
than the
Well that's all I'm saying for now.
But you're smart, so I'm thinking you can figure it out wink-wink.

Well I hope your monday was perfect.
sweetie peaches


Kristin said...

Love the "hi there" postcards. SO cute!

Kendra said...

re you going to be an illustrator.?!?!

Anonymous said...

Love the postcards! And my Monday was perfect because I stayed at home all day!!

PS - I don't eat french fries either (at least fried ones) but the baked fries were pretty good.