December 31, 2010

SLUMBER PARTY and Shopping Part ONE!

Hi there

Last night
My mom, Auntie, and myself
drove to Tuscaloosa to stay the night at My cousin Alyssa's Apartment!

The plan was to have dinner and SHOP.
We did have a very nice dinner at 

It took FOREVER!!!
so our shopping was SUPER limited to 
only a trip to TARGET!

It was FUN though!
so we just grabbed some coffee for this morning.
came back the apartment
and watched a movie.

My dear mother fell asleep AS SOON as we pushed play on the DVD player.

We did have such a blast though.
Be back a little later with more from a day FULL of SHOPPING!

later  loves 


Jenny said...

Sounds like fun! I actually LOVE target. I can get so carried away in there! LOL!

I found you while blog hopping! I'm your newest follower!

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