December 20, 2010

Graduation Part Two & Radvent 18 & 19

ONLY FIVE DAYS until Christmas.
and I'm still not even close to be being finished shopping.
I'm actually thinking a good ole trip to Hobby Lobby is in order for today:)
YES! My favorite.

Here are a few more photos from my GRADUATION!
I wish I could upload EVERY photo, but this internet takes FOREVER
I have other photos with each person that came to support me, but REALLY that would take like DAYS to upload:(

Here is all of the Graduates that walked.

Ahhhh yay!

President Cale

I LOVE this!
I was so excited to be walking across that stage.

My Auntie Stacey took all of the photos!
GOOD job Aunt Stacey. I LOVE all of them
Especially the silly ones.

Here is ALMOST the entire group that drove all the way to show their love and support.
[A few had to leave because someone was sick:( so sorry mam-maw that you got sick! Hope you are feeling better. It meant so much that you came]
Without Each one of these people, I wouldn't have had the drive to get through undergrad. 
and They will DEFINITELY be what gets me through Graduate!
can't wait.


Today, FOR MYSELF! I will go...
Hobby-Lobbying with MeMe
Christmas Shopping tonight with daddy and boobster:)

I just want to share that I have such a desire.
and I will obtain it.
No matter what I have to do, 
or how hard I have to work.
It's exciting.

Today WILL BE a great day.

Bye for now


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