November 1, 2010

Hello There November

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Halloween.
and wish I could say the same
but sadly, I had to spend my entire Halloween weekend working.
That of which I am NOT complaining about.
Just SUPER happy to have some income coming in.
That's always good right:)

So, I have a few FEW photos to sum up some of the HIGHLIGHTS of my weekend.

Friday, I worked late
Had a little bit of school work to get done, 
So, being the good student I am, I stayed......
Tried my BEST to finish it, 
but I needed some Professional Assistants from my Professor...
He always had GREAT suggestions,

So, after Mike and I went to a friends.
They had a FUN Halloweenie Night.
They built a Fire, and I supplied all of the goodies for S'MORES!
[of course I left my camera:(]
BUT, I did snag a few decor photos of their house.
As you can see, 
They get a "Little" excited for the season!
Making S'mores and simply hanging out with GOOD friends was GREAT
and MUCH needed.

On Saturday, I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. and head to work.
to summarize how that went in a SHORT way....
Worked in Hamilton AL. for...Oh, only about THIRTEEN hours.
which means, 
I COMPLETELY missed Halloween Night, and all of the FUN Trick or Treating
but again, I was just SO happy to be making some money:)

Yesterday, was pretty much my reward for working my tooshy off this weekend.
I did NOTHING but what BRIANNA wanted to do.
We went to church, had a nice mexican lunch, then
MY FAVORITE PART from yesterday.
Mike and I went to McFarland Marina, 
so he could test drive a boat.
It was GORGEOUS outside, and McFarland is so relaxing.
After that, I painted on my dress for a little while, 
then we went to church for TRUNK OR TREAT!

So, although I missed out on the Norm. halloween, I still had a pretty GREAT weekend anyway.
I have an INSANELY busy week ahead of me.
My Graduation Exhibition is in ONE WEEK!!!
I have a painting to complete, and frame.
Plus finish tweaking my dress.
Pray Pray PRAY I finish!!!

I love you dear readers SO much
Have a great GREAT start to NOVEMBER!!

Oh. P.S 
two special things happen this week....


Leah B. said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun at McFarland! I love it there :) Sorry you had to work over the weekend though. MISS YOU!!!

city girl said...

Sorry about having to work all weekend. Glad you still found some time for fun though!

Kristin said...

S'mores make everything better right? Even working too much. : )