October 22, 2010

Work in Progress SNEAK PEAK!

It's finally FRIDAY!
Finally, Finally, Finally.

I've been working extremely hard this week on some really great things.
I don't want to let my talents go to waste, 
[which I don't think would EVER EVER happen]
So, to be sure that doesn't happen, 
I am pushing pushing pushing myself to study, 
To research, and to try so MANY new things.
I'm going to by little nick-knacks specifically for this process.

This will help develop my own personal style as an artist
Which I already have developed my "own Style" I just want to expand and grow in that style, so I have more possibilities

Staying with Fashion inspired, bright colors, and happy feelings.
It's SO exciting, and I'm so Thankful I have these abilities.

Here is a SNEAK PEAK of two things I'm working on now.

I made this dress.
I rediscovered that I love LOVE sewing.
and I'm actually 'okay' at doing it.
I sketched and designed it, 
BUT the final outcome is MUCH better than the sketch!

I still have TONS of work to do on it, 
Which is most likely what I will spend my friday night doing.
Which is FANTASTIC in my book!

This is A self Portrait
:) ha.
I don't like to think of it as that, but my professor does.
SO, I'll go with it.
This painting has been really REALLY fun for me to work on.
There are so many things I could add to it,
I just haven't narrowed my decision down yet.
So MUCH potential

These are Both pieces for my Graduation Exhibition which goes up on NOVEMBER 8th!
Plus I still have one other piece to start and complete for this exhibition!
WOWZERRRR, SO much to do:)
I LOVE that.

Okay, I'm off to work on this Gorgeous Fridayy.
Please go by fast:)


P.S. Im SO bummed out about this Night.
Michael has to work until CLOSE! I hate when this happens. I want a date night with him.
Oh, well. 
Maybe Tomorrow night.


the real mia said...

That painting is fantastic. You creative gal you.

Whitney said...

You're so talented. I wish I could sew, paint, and draw!