October 16, 2010


I had an AMAZING turnout for my exhibition opening.
The people that came are the best people that God could have ever BLESSED me with
and I wouldn't trade any of them for the world.
You all made my night so SO PERFECT!
Thank you THANK YOU

This is my favorite wall.
The painting to the left is my newest:)

This is Manny.
We have a bond that is indescribable.

I LOVE seeing this sign.
It makes my insides flutter.
Now, I'm BEYOND ready to see it on a BIG SIGN somewhere else!

MikeMikes Grandmother, MawMaw Brenda came, which seriously made me OVERLY happy.
She had no obligations at all to come, and she did, which says SO much about how much she cares about me.
She's an Angel.

Do I have a model of a Boyfriend or is it just me??

One of the BEST pastors I know.
He has a heart of GOLD.
and Mrs. Misty, is SO FUNNY
They are like another set of parents for me.
Thanks SO much for coming.
It meant SO SOOOO much.
come back and we will go to Ricatoni's 
I know you guys were really looking forward to it.

:) this warms my heart.

THESE TWO are my FAVORITE guys in the world

Will and Harrison.
William, who has been a really great friend to me since the EIGHTH grade
helped me, and kept me sane while hanging my show.
Could NOT have made it through the night without you.

I. Love. You.

[Cutsie Shoosies]

[Painting with vintage patterns]

I LOVE YOU ALYSSA and Miss having girl time with you.
I am SO glad you LOVE living in Ttown.
It makes me soooo happy.

Mamaw and HER Lyssa

who I must say
REALY REALLY REALLY are the most amazing people I know
They support and are there for me in everything that I have ever wanted or dreamed. 
The Believe in me. 
and that simple fact is one of the main forces that gets me through every single day.
I would NEVER ever want to do anything that would even SLIGHTLY disappoint them.
Their opinion matter MORE to me than pretty much ANYONES.
I love you 

Warms my little heart.

Auntie Stacey & Uncle Brian, 
after like the 50000000 photo because he kept blinking.

Reisa, Reilly, & Raeghan.
Oh you THREE girls complete me.
and I MEAN THAT with everything in me.
I can't wait wait wait to see what all you precious girls accomplish.
It's exciting.
BUT, I need you all to live with me at least for a year of your life.
Do we have a deal?? GREAT!!! 
can't wait!

My adorable Lydie Bug.
She made my night! 
She said, "BB, How long did it take you to make all of these?" 
and I said, "Oh dear, ONLY FOUR YEARS!"
too cute!

Maybe, a TON.
Thanks Cupcake all of your ideas, and help on random projects.
I know I'm probably annoying with my obsessive perfectionism, but you love me anyway, so THANK YOU for putting up with me, even when you don't have to.

My cute little family!
they are the best. 
One of the main things that I really LOVE about them, is that they are behind me 100%
I know so many people who have wanted to pursue an artistic career, and they have told me that they didn't because their parents didn't agree with it.
That so sad.
I am SO thankful that my parents believe and understand this passion I have for what I do.
YOU INSPIRE ME every every EVERY day.
I will make you the proudest parents that I can.

This is MY BEST friend Tres.
Let me just tell you how much he loves me.
He drove TWO HOURS, while he was Super sick just to come see my exhibition.
I don't know too many people that I really think would do that for me.
It means the world to me that you did that Tres.
I. Love. You. which you already know.

My Gorgeous Mom

My Aunt Nean [Deneen] and her sister Joan

Me with all of the fellows
Minus Tres, and Pastor Chuck ::sadface::

We ended the night with a delicious Italian dinner at Ricatoni's
which is seriously one of the cutest restaurants in Florence.

This is the ENTIRE group
Thanks SO much everyone. 
I love you all more than you could ever imagine, 
and my opening night COULD NOT have gone any better.

If you live in the SHOALS area, Stop by and see my work.
It's up until October 28th!

It will make you happy, PROMISE.

Well, Im off for a movie date with that Model of a boyfriend I have.

Tootlie LOU


Samantha said...

So glad you had a perfect opening night :)

I wish I lived near by so I could see it all - I enjoyed all the pictures!

Rhiannon Clarke said...

Everything looks beautiful! I was glad to see you had such a turnout! Can't believe I wasn't working that night at Ric's!!!
Keep it up, girl! You'll see your name larger than life one day!!!

Kandi said...

SO gorgeous! you AND your paintings!!! OMGOSH, which one can i buy for my house? all of them?? :) :) i seriously love them all, and i know EXACTLY where in our home i will put them. so, when you decide on a price, just let me know! <3 and your family is precious!! i told andy about your work being up and i think he is taking me on a "date night" to florence (with our kids, haha) so i can see everything !:) IMY! and congratulations!! i can't wait for you to be famous so i can say "i know her, she is the sweetest little thing!" :):)

Olivia Carter said...


khani said...

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Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Congratulations! I wish I lived close by so I could come support you in person! You have one amazing family but you know that :) I love seeing your attitude of gratitude for the blessing of your family. It is a breath of fresh air!

trippingtiffies said...

your paintings!!

You're so super talented!


emilia. said...

i am SO proud of you! look at your gorgeous artwork! look at how much time, patience & energy went into each piece. wow! :) i wish i could take a little drive down and take a peek too. :/
beautiful pictures too! you're family & friends sound/look so amazing.

much love!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an amazing night! Love your work!!!

New follower!