October 25, 2010

My Exhibition Part II

I had such a PERFECT weekend.
Friday night, MikeMike had to work, SADFACE.
I hate when he works weekend night shifts.
but, I still had a great night!

I went to dinner with his family to Ricatoni's, this really adorable Italian restaurant that I have mentioned quite a bit here lately!

After dinner, and a little bit of getting things together,
 I met Michael for a movie date with 
Dustin & Ricky.
FUN, I love these guys. They're great!

Saturday, was a REALLY special day.

My GrandMommy, GrandDaddy, and MeMe
along with my beautiful mother, 
came to see my exhibition since they were out of town on the opening night!

It was SO much fun. 
They are SO sooo adorable, and PRETTY!
Aren't they GORGEOUS??!?!

It was such a FUN day, 
and I'm SO glad they came all the way up here to see my work.

For the SECOND DAY IN A ROW I ate Ricatoni's
Once again, it was delish!

I rode back to Birmingham with them so I could actually step foot in my 'Home sweet Home',
which I haven't stepped foot in, in over a MONTH!

Well, that's not all of my PERFECT weekend!
but I'll share that a  little later.

It's Work time for this little lady!
Bye dear friendies.


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emilia. said...

what lovely grandparents you have! :) yet again, i wish i could mosey on down and visit your exhibition. :( glad you had a great weekend. yay! :)