October 3, 2010


I have had a seriously PRODUCTIVE weekend
and I LOVE it that way.

My Mr. has been out of town at a Mustang convention thingy with LOTS of racing going on. 
Such a manly-ish thing. ha. 
He's been having a blast.
but I sure have missed his handsome little self. 

Sooo, I'm not going to lie, 
DO NOT get me wrong, I've missed Mikey like insanely BAD, 
but I couldn't just let him have ALL of the fun this weekend!

My work day was INSANE on Friday, 
So I decided to reward myself by going to

it was more more more fun than I had expected.
I met my very VERY TALENTED friend/artist/classmate ADRIANNE

We made a quick walk through downtown 
which worked up our hunger really well.
so, we then decided to head to Legends, a really yummy steakhouse. 
[No Steak for either of us, of course! eeeek!]

Our other VERY TALENTED friend/artist/classmate FRANCES works at Legends!
we were SO bummed that she couldn't accompany us on the fun night, but we did enjoy seeing her a few minutes being the best hostess on the planet!

Dinner was really great
good conversation.

Then we hit the street for more vendor looking!

OH, and we watched some dancers:)
and TONS 
of Hoola-Hoopers.
That was very entertaining.

Then we had a lovely little listen to 
the Ray Brothers on the CUTEST little street in Florence.

and to little Adrianne! you're great Great.


So, THEN yesterday was a SERIOUSLY busy and insane day.
I had to travel to Belmont Mississippi for a  homecoming shoot. 
Cute little couples all dressed up in puffy dresses.
So. Cute.

Then I traveled Straight to BIRMINGHAM:)

My GREAT Nanny, who is a wonderfully talented at sewing
helped me sew one of my pieces for my Graduation Exhibition that is in November.
WOOO HOOO such a relief to get that under my belt.

So as you see, 
My weekend was JAM PACKED with loads of production

I'm off for my lovely Aunts BIRTHDAY celebration!



Chassi said...

I'm so excited to hear more about your work on your project!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

What a fun weekend! Glad you made the most of it :) Yay for your Nanny's help! Hope you had fun at your aunt's celebration!

Ann said...

Hey Brianna,

I would recommend cotton, cotton blends, or linen for painting, but really anything that can be heat set should work. It would probably be best to test it first.

Happy creating!


Kristin said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!