September 20, 2010


I'm currently drowning in School work.
which is NO fun.
But no worries....I'll get through it.

I'm SUPER excited about this weekend.
I get to go home home home!!!
and on SATURDAY my cousin Clint will be tying the knot!

Oh did I mention Mikemike gets to go too!
I feel like since I started this job, I NEVER get to see Michael. 
I Miss Him 
So, I am REALLY looking forward to spending time with him.

I got to see him a little while yesterday, 
but he chose to play his little game,
and I enjoyed some Coffee,
some Lovely Marketing Exams, a
s well as Management Exams
[Both of which I made 90's on....just incase you were wondering]
School School School

This semester I have TWO exhibitions
One is my graduation exhibition, which will exhibit all of the graduating seniors work
I have my own Solo exhibition in October
Im ecstatic about both of them
I have SO many ideas flying around in my head
and its overwhelmingly exciting!

So be ready for creative OVERLOAD right here!
I must get it all together
make some goals
some check lists 
some shopping lists.

Right NOW, Im trying to shop for a HUGE tablecloth for the centerpiece for my exhibition.
This is going to be a TASK to say the least.
Any suggestions on a good place to purchase one
I would LOVE you to death

Wish me Luck

P.S. Thanks SO much to all of you lovely people who read my blog on a regular basis!
You are amazing and I love you to death for all of the support.



Kandi said...

such a cutie! michael isn't too shabby in the background, either. :) i miss you! and i will be coming to see your solo exhibition... :D since i'll be living in the area again! <3 we will have to have a coffee date, if your crazy busy schedule will allow it! :) and, will you be selling any of your work? because... i could always use something pretty for my house! :)

Bree said...

Sometimes when me and my boyfriend are together, we'll still do our own things too. Typically I'll read a book or read blogs and he'll play a video game. But just being beside each other is still nice since we don't live in the same city :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!