September 24, 2010

A Lovely Reception & a Wedding Weekend!

Have I ever mentioned, 
that I absolutely LOVE how blessed my life is?

Every aspect of it is simply wonderful, and I'm not just saying that to sound like it is....
I truly mean it.

I have met some really great people over the past couple of years.
Through school, I have had the same classes with pretty much the same group of people since I started there.
So, being in class with them everyday, we have all gotten to know each other, and I love that!
It's starting to make me sad that it's fixing to end!

Yesterday afternoon
when I got off work 
I headed to the student Visual Arts building 
for a wonderful little artists Reception.

She's such a cutie and super talented.

We all have sculpture together, 
as well as have had TONS more classes together.
Watercolor was a REALLY fun one we had together.

Her reception was SOOO cute!
Adrianne, also in the photo above [in black] made the cutest cake for the reception.

So super bright and colorful.
The colors reminded me of my paintings.

She is REALLY talented when it comes to cake making

and they totally scream her bright, and BUBBLY personality.

She's also really good at snapping photos 
of people in class without them knowing about it.

I love these girls to death.
They sure make classes go by MUCH MUCH faster:)

and on MONDAY
we all get to go to a fun little KAPPA PI meeting at an adorable little coffee shop
that is downtown:)
YAY. Excited!

SO, I must get ready for work
then I'm OFF to Birmingham for

those are always ALWAYS the best right???!!!
at least for girls anyway.

Tootlie LOUS


Kandi said...

aw i love adrianne!! :) and you! :) have fun in birmingham! :) and with your family! :) :) safe travels!

Kendra said...

I am dying over those cakes, how super cute.!

Katie said...

Sounds like fun!! And loving the new blog look! :)

Sarah said...

I wish i was good at making cakes! those are so cute! Have fun at the wedding. I just went to one last night and they just never get old!