August 4, 2010

Creative Share---Kitchen Table!

I'm feeling like I haven't been giving my blog post 100%
and its not intentional in the least bit.
I've just been Exhaustingly busy these past few weeks, and I see no sign of it slacking up anytime soon.
but, no worries, I will make it!

As all of you know, 
which mean, its time to Share some fantastic CREATIVITY!
and there's LOADS of it over at TRENDY TREEHOUSE
So be sure to stop by and ready everyone elses creative ideas.

TOMORROW morning
I will be going over to my MeMe's house
to help her, well lets see, 
REVAMP an old Kitchen table!!!!

I'm pretty excited about it.
This is a big project, because the only thing I have ever really "revamped" furniture wise was a little cabinet.
It turned out fantastic so I'm sure this table will turn out Perfecto as well!

So, I'm sharing a fantastic "how-to" or the plan to my project tomorrow!

Know EXACTLY what look you are aiming for.
My Grandmommy is wanting  the table to be White with a Distressed look.

The table I am working on is a dark mahogany
It also has a semi-glossy varnish on it.
So, in order for the paint to stick to the table, It's VERY important to lightly sand off any of the shine that is left on the table.
It isn't necessary to sand off all of the paint from the table, just the shiny-ness.

thoroughly clean all dust from the table, making sure there is no residue left, otherwise the paint WILL NOT adhere to the table.

Use a Latex Paint, either semi-gloss, or flat, the finish is totally your choice!
Use a two inch flat sponge brush. This will make it easy to have a streak free table.
Coat the entire table with three thin coats, maybe even four!

Coat the table with a Clear Varnish, with a SATIN finish!
It's important in my case, that the finish isn't shiny, because REMEMBER we want the table to look distressed!

Allow the table to dry thoroughly OVER NIGHT!
Make sure it is completely dry before doing any other work to it.

Now it's time to give this newly painted table some age to it.
I'm going to softly rub over the edges and corners randomly with some sand paper 
to really give the table that distressed look that my grandmommy so badly is looking for!

That's it
I sure hope it's as easy as it sounds!!
and no worries dear friends 
I will DEFINITELY be taking photos through the entire process.

Hope your week has been great



Leah B. said...

LOVE the table! One day when I have a a room that I can paint I'd love to have a white table. It's beautiful! :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love that you know how to do all this at such a young age!!! You are in for a lifetime of fun DIYing!!!! I want to do this or wish I could just hire you :) hehe

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

I would LOVE to see how this table turns out. My dining room table is dark wood and I have been seriously thinking about painting it white.


LOVE the table!

Clarissa Emily said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I lurve comments! :) I have a dining table I've been meaning to revamp too, but alas, I think it may have to wait until summer's over...It's just too dang hot here! Anyhoo~ Thanks again for dropping by~ Hope to hear from you again sometime! Have a lov-e-lee day!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

Thanks for the step-by-step. I see some projects on blogs with no instructions and I am like "What?"

Michelle said...

Oh, cool!! :) Sounds like a fun project!!