August 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces [week three]

a day I've been SO very patiently waiting on
and it's FINALLY here.
I've been waiting on this day for a couple of reasons.
ONE: It's Hair appointment day and GEEZ do I need a good hair coloring.
TWO: It's the Monday before classes start [on Wednesday] and I move back to Florence, with my Mikemike! yay.
and The third reason, I have been waiting so so soooo patiently and anxious for, 
THREE: I get a new Cellular device today.
I have had the worst phone problems lately
 [my buttons FELL OFF!! Charge wouldn't hold, Randomly cuts off when it felt get it]
So another HAPPY thing for this pretty Monday!
Lovely heels


This is my THIRD week, and I'm totally falling in LOVE with it.
THE BIT ♥ The Last thing that made you smile.
THE PEICE: Michael and I had a seriously wonderful conversation last night,
and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

THE BIT ♥ Romantic, Horror, Action, or Funny
THE PIECE: Okay well, I must start by saying that anything with Michael Cera in it. 
It doesn't matter what genre it is.
but if it isn't a movie with Michael Cera in it then whatever Michael wants to see.
I LOVE movies so sooo much.
but it's either Funny or Horror.

THE BIT ♥ Are you going to watch Miss. Universe
THE PIECE: I LOVE watching Miss Universe.
When does it come on? I sure would hate to miss it!

THE BIT ♥ I love my life because...
THE PIECE:  God has blessed me beyond measure.
 He has given me the most amazing people to share this life with. He has blessed me with creativity, which I am so so SO grateful for. 
He has blessed me with so much, and I don't deserve any of it.

THE BIT ♥ Favorite Picture(s) of the week

This is from My mom's Birthday Dinner.
It was ridiculously delicious.
My parents like always got Coconut Shrimp, that comes with this AMAZING and SUPER spicy slaw.
My brother got Grilled Salmon. YES from the Kids menu. How awesome is that Kid's menu??!!?? 
and I hade Cilantro Grilled Chicken.
IT was all SO delicious.
If you ever stumble upon a Firebirds, do yourself a favor, and try it out.

Well those are the BITS & PEICES for this week!
I'll back soon with an update on my new phone.



Leah B. said...

It looks like you guys had fun at your mom's bday dinner! What kind of phone are you getting? I've had mine for 1 1/2 years and I'm so ready for a new one! My grandma has Droid Incredible and she LOVES it. I really like Droid X even though it's huge.
Love you bunches!

Ms. Mayra said...

What a busy week it must've been for you!

Love the yummy food you mentioned. & I'm loving the pic. =)

Have a fab week!!

Amanda said...

Best of luck for the new school year.