August 30, 2010

Bits and Pieces [Week four]

Lovely heels

 Bits & Pieces
for the 4th week!
and my love for this ADORABLE monday post just keeps growing and growing.
It's usually hosted by In Lovely Hills
so make SURE you check out her blog.
It's super GREAT!

Today when I stopped by her blog to grab the bits, so I could share with YOU the pieces,
She hadn't yet posted her regular bits & pieces post.
I'm not quite sure if she isn't doing this post anymore, or what?
But I LOVE it sooooo much I decided I would just carry it on for her, and make up my own Bits & Pieces for today.

THE BIT ♥ The First thing you do in the morning, when your feet hit the floor?
THE PIECE: I head straight to the coffee pot and get that delicious stuff brewing!
Super strong? Yes. Please?

THE BIT ♥ What flavor toothpaste do you prefer?
THE PIECE: My family uses Cinnamon flavor, but I personally LOVE Crest Whitening Expressions Vanilla mint! It's so refreshing and makes your teeth feel squeaky clean!

THE BIT ♥ What's your nerdiest asset?
THE PIECE: come on come on. Everyone has at least one nerdy thing about them.
I study. TOO MUCH. Even when I don't need to. I like to learn random facts, that doesn't mean I retain them forever, but hey! At least I learned it for a second right?
I do study SO SO SOO hard. and YES it definitely pays off and is worth it.

THE BIT ♥ Which cuisine reigns supreme for you [which type of food do you like, chinese, japanese, mexican, american...etc.]
I love GINGER:) bunches!
I love love love japanese or any sort of oriental cuisine for that matter.
More about that in my next BIT.

THE BIT ♥ Favorite FAVORITE photo from this past week/weekend?

THE PIECE: This photo of my handsome Mikemike
we had a nice little dinner at Wok!
We haven't been there in FOREVER [sadface] because it had gotten...hmmm, how to put it nicely. Not so clean.
BUT, last night we finally decided we would give it another try and when we walked in they had remodeled the entire place!
and the food was WAY better
and an extensive menu.
and I was a SUPER happy camper.
did I mention their prices??
so cheap, which is great for a not so rich tight-wad college student.

SO those are my bits & pieces for this week!
Please join in.
and stop by In lovely hills for real!

Leave a comment with a link to your post if you share your bits & pieces.
I would LOVE to read them.

Tootlie Lou


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Coffee is the best way for me to jumpstart each day. I'm super addicted to coffee. =)
Oh and my favorite cuisines...well, it's got to be mexican and korean for me. I love love love spicy food. YUM!

Kandi said...

ahhh... coffee. i miss it! i drink a small cup on occasion while preggo.. but mostly decaf. which is pointless, so none at all. :) 40 more days!!!

Erica said...

i just found your blog and it is adorable! i love japanese food too... mmmmm now i'm hungry ;)