July 26, 2010

YES! for winning.

My mailbox was SUPER happy today.
I got lots of mail.
I got my most recent bank statement.
One day I'm going to open it, and somehow, someway, there is going to be a very large amount of mulah in there.
That would be LOVELY!

soooo, also
I got TWO postcards from postcrossing!

I won a set of ADORABLE Cards from Lanie.
I lovelovelove them SO much!

aren't they just adorable.
Thanks Lanie!

My Mr. and I drove up to his parents house tonight.
MikeMike has to work tomorrow, and I have a Job interview.
I'm really REALLY needing this.
So, please pray that all goes well.

I'll be sure to let you know.

In the mean time, 
Here are a couple of more photos from our lovely beach trip!

It was a BLAST!

Night dears



Bree said...

Good luck with the interview!!!

Vic said...

Love the beach..simply amazing:) good luck fingers crossed:)

Overthinking Mama said...

Good Luck!!

and i am jealous... your hair always looks amazing!! :-)

God Bless

Lanie said...

I'm glad you like the cards and I am glad you won them! I love, love, love your fantastic attitude towards life!

Good luck on the interview!

~Lanie J

Krista said...

Hope the interview went well! And love the beach photos!

Anonymous said...

I hope your interview went well!