July 8, 2010


Being and staying inspired is something that is SUPER important in my life.
It would be the most terrible thing, If i ever found that I wasn't being inspired anymore, but Inspiration does take work.
It takes looking, researching, and staying up to date with the things that are going on around you.
It can be work sometimes, but its something that I MUST keep in constant motion and more importantly growing.
This is one of the main reasons why I started My weekly TGIF post!
It keeps my aware and keeps me motivated.

If you haven't noticed,
I am in the process of growing my hair out.
It's so hard for me, because I have kept my hair short for well over five years now.
The thing I LOVE about having short hair, is that its so easy to fix.
For me, Long hair takes much more attention, and longer time to style.
I LOVE taking the time to style my hair, but it seems like after I style [tease and spray] my hair, its not long until it looks flat, and like I haven't hardly worked on it at all.
It's really frustrating.
HOWEVER, what I DO love about having long hair  is that I can pull it up in a cute little up-do.
I'm not at all a ponytail kind of girl
unless it's a perfectly natual looking styled ponytail
[NOT sporty-ish at all!!!]
Remember I LOVE styling my hair so a styled up-do, that looks natural, and loose, yet you can still tell that it has been deliberately styled like this is something I ADORE and LOVE LOVE LOVE to do nearly everyday, especially with this summer heat.

here are a few inpiring upty dos that I think are very pretty

So so sooo pretty!
do you like wearing your hair up?
if so, any other up-dos that are natural, cute, and fun!??




Sarah Ann said...

I LOVE wearing my hair up and messy and then putting in a headband to make it look on purpose :)
I adore all of your pictures!

Jamie said...

I always wear my hair up...but it's the just jumped out of the shower, gotta get the kids thrown in a ponytail look...maybe I need to be more intentional! Wish I had a little more time and knowledge about what to do with my hair!

Kandi said...

i'm working on growing mine out too, after the last "chop-off"... and now that i've dyed it blue i feel like i want it brown. but i think thats just hormones. all of these hairstyles are so cute! i love wearing my hair up, curly, messy and with bows. but. it doesn't really go up at the moment.

Overthinking Mama said...

love the new blog look!! :-)

God Bless

Whitney said...

I love having long hair!

About a year ago, my hair got messed up. The color was completely wrong, and my hair fried. I had to go to another salon, and get a color corrective. They had to cut it. They put all these layers in it. Some were so ridiculously short. They did that couple of times everytime I went back. I haven't been since March, because I don't want them to cut my hair.

I still think it is in that weird in between growing out phase.

I don't really like wearing my hair up, but my boyfriend loves when I do.

Ashley Sisk said...

I took a detour from my blog hopping and found your blog. I'm a fan and new follower! I grew out my hair a couple of years ago and it was definitely a transition but one that I love. During the summer months especially, I love throwing my hair up into neat updos. Just keep with it, it'll pay off.

If you have a chance, come by my blog: http://ashleysisk.blogspot.com

I hope to see you there!

LeksiDesigns said...

I love wearing my hair up! The messy bun in one of my favs! I found you on NFF! Come by and check out my blog too if you get a chance!