July 10, 2010

Perfect Days Ahead

This week, I am house sitting
and I am SO sooo excited about it.
A couple of reasons why I am so happy about it is
I have been feeling really REALLY inspired over the past couple of weeks
and I've been itching to get creative
but haven't had the time
which is REALLY pathetic,
because honestly, I think I should always have time for what I love.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't been completely unproductive over the past few weeks, I have been making Loads of Postcards!
SO FUN.......Someone special is getting one really soon!

back to the house sitting,
It's a super nice sized garden home.
and this week, I am making a list of the projects I am going to do!

The house will become my own Studio for an entire week...not to mention the largest studio I've ever seen.
Also, I will get a really good taste of what it feels like to live completely on my own, which I am SO excited about.
Just going to be me and the pup pups
Picka-boo, and Pippie-Lou
and My puppster Mylee Rae
She will be staying there for TWO weeks, because they are going to keep her while I am back in Florida!

So my Project Goal List is going to be SO fantastic
Lets just say, Clothes aren't the only thing that will be packed up for my stay!
I am going to be SERIOUSLY working, working, working!
Yesterday I dropped some stuff off by their house, and Reilly asked me if I wanted to her to make me a profile on the Wii Fit, and I told her No....I don't want anything to distract me!
So, I figured if she didn't make me a profile I wouldn't be tempted to get a little distracted!

AND after today, I will be blogging on something new too!
That's REALLY exciting!

Well Loves
No worries I will be posting TONS of photos of my projects and of course the pup pups!
Tootles for now

P.S. RAEGHAN, REISA, REILLY, AUNTIE, and UNCLE BRIAN I hope yall have a super fantastic time on your trip!
I'm going to miss you SO much. Please make sure you go to Canada, and Raeghan Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN for Michael Cera!


Rasha said...

New to your blog. loving it!

Melissa said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! Talk about project inspiration -- this post is filled with lovely enthusiasm!