July 7, 2010

A little Twist to CREATIVE SHARE

every wednesday over at
there are Loads of super neat-o, fun, and brilliant ideas shared
I absolutely LOVE participating in this, but I love even more to read other peoples wonderful ideas.

Today, I am going to go about sharing some creative ideas a little bit different than I usually do, or better yet, I'll just have two creative post today, This one with a twist, and later my usual creative [recipe] post.

Here's my twist
Simple, yet BRILLIANT ways to add a few special touches here and there


ONE: Plain Fridge----- Little splash of colors and cute photos

You can find super adorable magnets from
Or you could always make your own of course!

TWO: Use cute earrings as push pins


For a cute little girls room you can find PRECIOUS animal earrings from ZOOZ Jewelry

THREE: Use cupcake foils as candle holder.
With cupcake CRAZE everywhere, there are now sooo many different sizes, colors, and patterns of these little foils!

FOUR: Use a Cake plate as a very delicate and pretty candle display.
So pretty.

FIVE: Use decorative, vintage wall paper as a drawer liner.

SIX: Use a neat-o wine rack as a Magazine holder
So sooo SMART!
Wine racks come in so many different designs.
you can find them at WORLD MARKET [one of my favorite stores]

SEVEN: Use cutsie patterned and colored dish towels as placemats!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE pretty placemats
I can NOT wait to have my own little place to decorate. I promise it will be super adorable.

EIGHT: Use ribbon to add a little extra touch to a simple lamp shade.

NINE: Use a glass Vase as a toilet Paper holder.
You can also add a secondary color to the glass by painting a simple design on the glass.

There are a couple of super simple, and pretty ways to add a little special touch to your decor.
Hope you find them useful I sure did.
You can find an endless amount of useful things in Real Simple magazine
which I have recently fallen in LOVE with.

I'll be back later with that creative [recipe] post!

Sweetie peaches


Nicole Marie said...

those magnets are super cute!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Wicked cute ideas!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Mrs. Tasha said...

Hey lady! Yeah, I have been reading them for quite sometime and just recently started writing one of my own. Yours is super duper cute! and I miss your face too!! When you are here for Frappe Fridays, you are welcome to join us! They are my newest addiction! :) lol

miss corner cape said...

great ideas! love that rolled magazine one!

thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my super deal. i know, i get super giddy with a great score!