July 21, 2010

Fun Little Projects

For Creative Share today, 
I have a couple of easy, quick, and FUN Projects for you Fantastic TRENDY TREEHOUSE readers
I will be trying them too!

Adorable Fabric covered Barrettes


  • Fabric Scraps at least 1 in x 3in
  • Cute FLAT buttons [sew threw]
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pliers or tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Non-painted Barrettes
  • No Fray Spray


1. Select and cut.
Cut ironed scraps of fabric into rectangles just larger than the barrettes.
 Choose cute buttons.

2. Glue.
Apply hot glue generously to the top of the barrette. 
Use pliers to hold the barrette open while gluing.

3. Apply and trim fabric.
Position the fabric on top of the hot glue. 
Press evenly as the glue cools, with medium firmness. Allow to cool completely.
 Trim around the barrette, taking care to leave a slight edge 
(less than 5")
 to allow for any needed fabric expansion when you close the barrette.

4. Optional fixative.
Spray the entire fabric side of the barrette with no-fray spray. 
Allow it to dry completely.

5. Glue button on.
Dollop hot glue onto the back of the button, then, 
with the barrette open, position it where you want it. Press slowly and evenly.
 Leave it to cool on the open barrette.

BLeach Stencils


  • Dark T-shirt
  • Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Bleach 
  • Spray Bottle
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Sink 
  • Water
  • Spray-Adhesive Tack


    1. Prepare.
    Put on gloves and safety goggles. 
    Mix up a batch of 50/50 bleach to water solution in a spray bottle. 
    Label it, and draw a skull and crossbones on the bottle so nobody mistakenly
     thinks it contains water.
     Then put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the bleach doesn’t bleed through.

    2. Design.
    Draw a stencil design on paper and cut it out. 
    Just remember that it’s going to be a stencil, 
    so it should be designed so it can be filled in with color (or bleach). 
    Bleach can bleed into the shirt, so keep it simple and be bold. 
    When you’re done, place the design on the shirt. 
    I put some spray-adhesive tack on the back of the stencil
     so it would stick to the shirt a bit.

    3. Bleach.
    Set your sprayer to a fine mist and spray the bleach solution over the stencil. 
    Watch the color disappear before your eyes.

    4. Rinse.
    If you leave the bleach on too long, 
    it’ll make the fabric disintegrate, 
    so when it’s getting close to the right color,
     dunk the shirt in a sink full of water and rinse until it doesn’t smell like bleach. 
    Dry it out, and you’re good to go
     — your T-shirt design is done!

    Button Rings


    • Ring Findings 
    • Embroidery Thread Or Dental Floss
    • A selection of Buttons


    1. Choose your button(s).
    If you want to stack your buttons, 
    you can sew them together before attaching them to the finding.
     Sew through them once or twice and tie a firm knot on the underside.
     I used a mixture of vintage and new buttons.

    2. Sew your button(s) to the finding.
    Sew right up through all the button layers if possible, 
    lining up the holes as you go. 
    If you can’t sew through the buttons, 
    just sew the disc to the buttons by passing the needle through the knot on the underside. 
    Sew them on firmly, and tie off your threads at the back
     or weave them back in under the disc to hide the ends.

    3. Slip on your ring.
    Show off your bling! 
    When you get bored with the buttons, you can just snip them off the disc, 
    return them to your stash,
     and make some new rings.

    Three REALLY REALLY great projects
    I seriously can NOT wait to try the Bleach Stencil!
    I'm feeling so inspired after seeing these.
    Check out Craftzine
    A BRILLIANT website!


    Oh one last thing I found on Craftzine that made me fall in L.O.V.E with their site, 
    was THIS article about a BRILLIANT Florence Based designer! 
    [Florence is my "Home away from home"] 
    AND...notice at the bottom of the article....it says "photography by Robert Rausch" 
    YEP! that's who I worked for just a few weeks ago during my internship!
    It's exciting.
     Please, take a few minutes to read this!
    I'll Love you forever if so.


Mrs. Tasha said...

B! I called yesterday to see about the class. For nonmembers, it's 56 a month :( However, I believe the class if free with a membership. For a couple (me and joshua) it's a $50 joining fee and $56 a month after that..that might be worth paying if all of the classes and stuff are included..

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Great ideas!! I love the ring!