July 28, 2010

A few photos to share.

On Monday, I drove up to Florence
to spend some time with Michael and his family.
His Brother, and his brother's wife Leah drove up from Daphne, Alabama late that night.

They are such FUN people, and I absolutely LOVE being around them.
They are always doing something, which I also like.
I am constantly looking something to do, or somewhere to go.
So, I get along with them so GREAT!

Michael had to work all day Tuesday, so I visited him at work, then went to my interview.
It went fantastic, and hopefully all goes well.
After the interview, 
I met up with Jerry and Leah for some coffee at Rivertown.

FINALLY, after Michael got off, we all sat around and relaxed for a bit.
Then we all went to dinner at Ricatoni's 
a really great Italian Restaurant.

It's always so fun getting to see them.
I wish they lived closer.
I miss them!

Well dear, I'll be back REALLY soon with Creative Share!


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Leah B. said...

We miss you tons! I'm so glad we have gotten to get together so much lately! Hopefully, I'll see you soon. Your pictures are great. I love you!!