July 24, 2010


I am still vacationing, 
we are still having a BLAST!

As I told you, 
On Thursday, 
My dad, and Michael took my Brother, Reisa, and Reilly to ShipWreck Island.

Mom, Auntie, and I Stayed on the beach ALL day. 
I actually slept for the most part of the day.
It was amazing.
I'm not usually a nap-taker, but I guess that's what your supposed to do on a vacation, 
or maybe I'm just getting old.

Yesterday, ANOTHER perfect day.
It started off slightly hotter than the previous days, but eventually the breeze set in.
All of us spent the day on the beach.

MikeMike and Daddy-o did the usual standing and staring into the ocean.

I eventually got them to take a few minutes of a break so I could catch a few photos of them

Then they were right back to the ocean watching, 
except they migrated to the ocean

They are pretty funny and interesting to watch.
Like really old men!

Want to know what I did ALL DAY?

Yep, you guessed it.
Had my head stuck in a book
I am actually reading [well, was reading] two books.

One, that I would usually never bring up because of all the hype going on about them, but I'm making an exception this time, and I'm going to talk about it, so just bare with me for a sec.

I read all of the Twilight Saga books, before they ever blew up into the craziness they are today.
So, of course, I couldn't NOT read Meyer's newest book, 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner'. I finished it yesterday, it's a short book.
It really was a Great book, and made me want so badly for her to come out with Midnight Sun.
Anyway enough about that.

So, the other book I am reading is a book I randomly picked up at a thrift store. 
I LOVE buying books from the thrift!
They are so cheap, and well worn in, which is something I LOVE for my books to be.
It's called 'Behaving Like Adults' by Anna Maxted.
It was good from the very beginning, but now, it just got REALLY good.

So, my last day on the beach today, is going to go the exact same as all of the others.
Music, Sleeping, and Reading.

Last night My Mr. took me out to dinner.
We went to Pier Park.
It's FULL of nice restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.
They have nice eating places, like Margaritaville, and Reggae J's, 
but we've been to those places before, and honestly they're nothing special, except for not-worth-the-wait lines, and hefty prices.
So, we ditched those places, and went to Buffalo Wild Wings.
Yes, a place we have right at home. Something Fun.normal. relaxing.

We shopped around for Michael some new sunglasses, and then we went to Borders so I could look at all of the books!
I think I will be going back to Borders tonight.
I need some new books, and they were having an AMAZING sale.

Well I'm off for my last enjoyable day on the pretty beach and more READING!
sweetie peaches


Leah B. said...

Love the beautiful pics! And, I'm glad you enjoyed the book :) See you soon!

Bree said...

Sitting on a beach, reading=perfection. I buy about 90% of my books from used book stores, I mean, they're such good deals. Most are in the 2.99-6.99 price range and what do I care if someone read them before me!?
Have a fabulous last day!

Tanja said...

Ahh...books...sale... enjoy your last day! And buy a lot of books. I know I would :D

Kandi said...

first of all- adorable photos AS per usual! :)

second- i LOVE anna maxted! behaving like adults is one of my faves. :) i'm so happy you're enjoying it!

*secret time* i too, read the twilight books... a couple of years ago. i loved them so much! but, when the movie came out, and people began going insane over them... i kind of ditched them. they're on loan to my mother at the moment, but i would be interested to read the next book... i just don't want to buy it in public lol. so i might buy it on my ibooks and read it on my phone. :P

ashlesmommy said...

So jealous...Beach + Reading. I don't think it gets any better :o)

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