June 1, 2010

Memorial Day & June update!

as I told you
Yesterday was bittersweet.
I spent the entire day with my family.
the most amazing people on the face of the earth.
We had a cookout & the kiddies went swimming.
I spent the morning with my nanny, helping her cook.
I made two pies
Banana Cream Pie & Lemon Ice Box Pie
There was ZERO of either one left when everone got finished eating, which is usally a good sign that they were yummy.
I LOVED the Lemon!

The weather was a jerk to me.
I went in for a few minutes to clean up the kitchen to try and help nanny out as much as possible.
when I got finished, and opened the door to walk outside,
It was raining TERRIBLY!
The kids were still playing in the pool,

and everyone else was nicely nestled, safe, and dry inside the pool house.
There was NO WAY I could make it from the house to the pool house in that rain.

So there I was looking like a sad little child peeping out the window at everyone having fun, while I was stuck inside.
My precious little Mye-girl was inside with me too!!


on to the next subject,
My INTERNSHIP, which started today, that I talked about in this post,
went Fantastic.
I spent the entire day working in photoshop, which I am pretty comfortable with.
I started off pretty slow, but I think I started getting the hang of things pretty quickly.

From what it sounded like, sometime this week [I think Thursday], I will be tagging along and helping Robert on a shoot which really REALLY excites me.
I'm pretty comfortable working with photography equipment, or at least I think I am!
lets pray my expectations are pretty spot on.

Today, I learned something else about myself that I'm totally ready for.
I realized that I LOVED going in and working ALL DAY in a typical nine to five sort of job.
I realized I'm ready for a career!
My see-saw feelings about all of this have finally settled.
I really enjoyed today and I am really REALLY ready to learn and grow as much as I possibly can!

How was your first day of JUNE!
sweetie peaches

p.s. I turn 22 in 18 days!)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Yay! Exciting about the internship! And great to know that you like working those days because most likely... you will be :) Sounds really fun, I wish I could play with photoshop all day instead of do financial analyst stuff, ho-hum!! Sorry about the rain!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend (although I'm sorry about the rain)! Congrats on your internship!

Anonymous said...

You are too cute. Are you sure you want a full time job??!

Kristin said...

Jealous of your Photoshop skillzzzz! I've got none. HA!