June 9, 2010

DIY Postcards

Hello Friendies
Wednesday's mark the middle of the week,
at least for me anyway.
at Trendy Treehouse, are always a good way for me to relax on Wednesday nights after church.
I LOVE sitting and reading and reading and reading all of the BRILLIANT ideas.
Over a year ago, someone gave me a couple of packs of

So, I figured I would put them to use, and it is now one of my FAVORITE products to create things from.
Here is my CREATIVE way of using these,
Rather than using them to print photos.
[I HATE glossy photos, so I would rather not print my photos on this paper]

I've been using these
as Greeting & Thank you Cards.
The last one I made for my MeMe and she just LOVED it!
I've also made a couple of bookmarks out of them.

They fit PERFECT in my totes
which makes them even more perfect.

HERE is all you do
it's rediculously simple...take TWO peices of the photo paper
on one peice Draw whatever you would like the front cover to have on it or to say,
and on the other peice write a short and sweet note or message.
Now, here comes the hard part, glue the back of the two peices together
and that's it
A double-sided cute little card.
Plus its handmade, which really gives it a loving and special touch!

[front view]
This one I made yesterday
I made it for this really FUN thing I joined called postcrossing.
I'm really excited for it to be my first postcard to actually send out!

The back looks like a traditional postcard,
WAY cute!

love LOVE


Kandi Poirier said...

i love this idea! and i think i MUST join postcrossing now.... i am always soliciting post cards from people.. and sometimes it doesn't work! :( this is like a guaranteed way to get a post card! :) yay!

Front Row Mode said...

Nice blog



Sara said...

OMG! I just joined postcrossing, too! I've sent my first card. I hope I receive one soon! How fun is that?! Great idea, too. I, too, hate glossy photos for some reason.

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Those are really cute. What a great idea!

Kelly Leigh said...

So cute! Postcrossing seems like a great idea! I can never find post cards to send I need to hunt some down. I love mail!

Sarah Lewis said...

Great idea! I have tons of this paper too because we kept buying it and kept getting the wrong sizes. *lol*

Thanks for sharing!