May 3, 2010

Finals Finals Finals

Today was a Breath of Fresh air for me
I've mentioned a couple of times on here about my
REALLY big project for my Theory class
I turned it in today, and I was sooooo HAPPY!

I used materials for this project that I already had,
I used A HUGE peice of wood, cut down to a semi-smaller peice,
I used Scraps of Canvas, which I sewed together so it would be big enough to cover the semi-smaller [but still really GIGANTIC] peice of wood.
I used Ceiling paint as a base coat!
[never have I ever used ceiling paint in my life, but it worked fantastically]

This project was for my Critical and Applied Art Theory Class
I had to use an Art Theory and create a peice of work based on that art theory.
I chose to work with Hamonious Balance.
You can read the paper at the end of this post.

This is the finished peice
please excuse the TERRIBLE photo of it
it honestly doesn't do it justice.

to truly understand this work
it would help to read the paper.

I truly hope you will take the time to read it!
But as I said it was a huge weight off my back to put a check by this on my to-do list!

After classes today
I went with Two REALLY REALLY great girls
[who are both leaving me this semester because they are graduating, IM SO SAD]
to CiCi's to CELEBRATE our closeness to freedom!




Maegan said...

Awesome project! I don't know much about art but I think you did a wonderful job. I give it an A+! You are very talented!

OceanDreams said...

Good job with getting past the project and it turned out great, I love looking at your art.