May 26, 2010


I love making little totes, and bags for people.
I think a gift that has a really personal touch is always better than a bought gift,
and even more than that
the gift is one of a kind.

I LOVE making these
they are a BLAST

Here is my most recent bag I made for my friend Jessica.
She was my class buddy, and she just recently graduated
I'm going to miss her dearly!

So, before we split our seperate ways I wanted to make her a bag!

So here is what you need:

A bag or tote [any size you want]

acrylic paint

patterned fabric

embellishments [buttons, lace]


iron on hot fix paper [can be found at any local craft store]

Hot glue gun


Not too many things, and once you buy them you will have plenty left over to make more bags
which is always PERFECT!

I start off by matching my fabric with everything else, [LACE, & more importantly PAINT PALETTE]
Next, I measure the area of the bad that I want the fabric to be on the bag.
For example

If I were going to cover then entire back of the bag with fabric, I would measure from side to side and top to bottom and write down the measurements if you have a short memory with numbers [haha I tend to have a problem with that]

Next, roll out the iron on hot fix paper and draw out the measurement of the back of the bag, and cut out the size paper you need to fit the entire peice of the bag.
then, I turn the fabric with the back of it facing up, and measure the same size as the tote, and adding one inch to each measurement [this extra inch is for tunring the fabric under for nice clean edges]
Fold in the extra inch and iron making a hard line and straight edge.
Do this on all remaining sides so the fabric is the same saize as the back of the bag.

Now Iron on the hot fix paper to the back of the fabric, and let it cool.
When it is cool remove the film of paper from the hot fix paper, then iron the fabric onto the bag.
 repeate this process anywhere else you want onto the bag.

I chose to put more fabric on the top above the zipper of the bag!

The next thing to do, which is my FAVORITE part!

Paint whatever your creative mind can come up with onto the bag that has canvas exposed
For this bag, I painted an owl because I know that my friend Jessica LOVE loveS owls...or birds in general.

After the paint has completely dried, its time for EMBELLISHING!
for this bag, like most of my other bags, I use my hot glue gun to attach the lace all around the bag and underneath the zipper.
Then I glued some cute little buttons around it too!

and that's it
your bag is finished!
REMEMBER the best part about sharing Creative ideas is that YOU CAN PUT YOUR OWN TWIST ON IT and make it completely unique!
So have fun with this and be really creative.
Don't limit yourself!

Stop by TRENDY TREEHOUSE to read so many more fun and creative ideas

Im off for some tanning on the beach!

love LOVE


Whitney said...

That's really cute!

Thanks for the tutorial :)

Melissa said...


Dr. Heckle said...

Very cool idea! Did you come up with that yourself? Maybe you should sell them!

Anonymous said...

I love owls too and this tote is so cute.

Kandi Poirier said...

oh this is adorable! we decorated olivia's new room with owls! we love them. :) i also have the same white/blue/green fabric in my studio, i use it for a baby boy back drop :)

i might make olivia one of these bags! and one for myself! :) great idea :) :)

Katie said...


Leah B. said...

Really cute! I'm sad we never got to do our magnets while you stayed this weekend :( I still want to try and I'll send you some pics! Love you!